Documentation Wiki

A detailed documentation of plugin features can be found on the Wiki of GitHub.

How to use the plugin

All features are directly incorporated into the IntelliJ IDE. Therefore, by familiarizing yourself with IntelliJ IDEA, you will automatically know how to use the plugin for Mathematica code, because it works consistently for all programming languages. You will find a lot of documentation on the official Jetbrains site, but to get a quick start, I suggest the following

  • Read through the Quick Start you find in the official documentation
  • Read at least one time through the Keymap (OS X Keymap)
  • Click some minutes trough the Tip of the Day dialog which shows up when you open IDEA or click on Help → Tip of the Day

Features of the Mathematica plugin

The following is a list of features which are provided by the plugin

  • Syntax highlighting of Mathematica code
  • CamelHump autocompletion for all built-in Mathematica symbols
  • Smart completion for function options and messages
  • Coloring and resolving of Module/Block/Table/... variables
  • Renaming of local variables
  • Quick documentation lookup for all built-in symbols and operators
  • Creation of complete Mathematica projects and files
  • Syntax check of code during typing
  • Smart expansion depending whether it is a function or not
  • Importance sorted completion suggestions
  • Highlighting and smart inserting of braces, brackets and parenthesis
  • Smart insertion of quotes
  • Expand/shrink selection by expression structure
  • Comment/uncomment line or marked region
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